Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - best movie recommendations

If you're in the mood for an excellent film that will feed your soul like groceries, I encourage you to have a look at Filmster's best films recommendations. Whereas most other movie recommendation websites rely on recommender algorithms which treat you like a trepanned mononeuronal zombie sheep, Filmster trusts the world-leading cinema experts to bring you the most exciting films ever. You can browse through lists of films that have been selected and awarded at top international film festival such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto, and at award ceremonies like the Oscars or the Césars. There are also annual top 10 lists by the legendary French review Cahiers du Cinéma, the 2012 polls conducted by the British Film Institute, and lists of famous directors' favorite films. Your days of endless search for high-quality films are over! Go to

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I developed an app for iPhone and iPad that facilitates the search for good films on iTunes. You can learn more about it here, and download it here.